Yellowstone County, Montana
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Prohibited Open Burning Materials

You may not burn these materials with or without a permit!

a. Any waste which is moved from the premises where it was generated, including waste moved to a solid waste disposal site, except as provided in subsection H or subsection I. 

b. Food wastes.

c. Styrofoam and other plastics.

d. Wastes generating noxious odors.

e. Wood and wood by-products other than trade wastes that have been coated, painted, stained, or contaminated by a foreign material, such as papers, cardboard or painted or stained wood, unless a public or private garbage hauler or rural container system is unavailable, or unless open burning is allowed under subsection J.

f. Poultry litter.

g. Animal droppings.

h. Dead animals or dead animal parts.

i. Tires, except as provided for in subsection G.

j. Rubber materials.

k. Asphalt shingles, except as provided in subsections G or J. 

l. Tar paper, except as provided in subsections G or J.

m. Automobile or aircraft bodies and interiors except as provided in subsections G or J.

n. Insulated wire, except as provided in section G or subsection J.

o. Oil or petroleum products, except as provided in subsections G or J.

p. Treated lumber and timbers.

q. Pathogenic wastes.

r. Hazardous wastes as defined by 40 CFR Part 261, incorporated by reference in subsection B.

s. Trade wastes, except as provided in subsections H or I.

t. Any materials resulting from a salvage operation.

u. Chemicals except as provided in subsections G or J.

v. Christmas tree waste as defined in subsection A.

w. Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials.

x. Standing or demolished structures except as provided in subsections G, H & J.

For a complete copy of open burning policies, please contact DES.